‘Misterio del Cristo de los Gascones’ tickets on sale (March, 14th)

Nao d´amores, theatre company with in Segovia, will perform its already classic Misterio del Cristo de los Gascones, next March, 14th, at San Justo Church  in Segovia.

Misterio del Cristo de los Gascones is the most emblematic spectacle within the long and rigorous Nao d´amores career, which began in 2001 spreading succesfully the Spanish pre-Baroque dramatic work.

This scenic proposal has received many awards from its release in 2007 and has been staged constantly through Europe and America since that moment. It means a deep immersion into our primitive theatre from a fully contemporary vision. It is a free revision  over the liturgical ceremony that must has been celebrated at San Justo Church in  Segovia in Medieval times. For this the Gascones Christ was carved, into one of the most representative Spanish Romanesque pieces.

Through a drama made of historical texts and musics original from many places, the staging combines actors and puppets, and aproach itself to the modern theatre origins. An homage to our  alive Heritage.

March, 14th 2013, Thursday.
20:30h, San Justo Church.

Tickets (5€), on sale at Acqueduct Visitors Reception Centre and  www.reservasdesegovia.com (+00 34 921 46 67 21).

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