A volunteer is someone who decides, of their own free will, to devote part of their time to helping others, selflessly, without being forced or receiving payment of any kind.

Volunteering is a way for people to play a role in the local community and is a direct link between culture and society. Cultural volunteers help with event organisation, publicity, production and public relations.

Segovia’s cultural volunteers have been dubbed “Volunátic@s”; everyone already knows about them and admires their work. A remarkable fact is that since the Segovia Cultural Volunteer Platform was set up in 2008, dozens of people have volunteered to play their part in the city’s cultural events.

Do you want to be one of them?


Here at the Platform, we’d like to give you a few words of advice about becoming a Cultural Volunteer:

  1. Ask yourself exactly what you want to do and what you expect to learn from your experience as a cultural volunteer. What can you offer the organisation?
  2. Find out. Don’t just ask yourself what you can do, find out as much as you can about the organisations you’re going to be working with as a volunteer.
  3. Clarify with the organisation (and with yourself) what being a volunteer involves.   This includes how much of your time you’ll be expected to give, your workload, what your responsibilities will be, and so on. Don’t forget to find out what the organisation needs from you as a volunteer.
  4. Get to know the people who have been volunteering for the organisation for some time. Volunteering is a unique opportunity for meeting people who share your interests and concerns, and who have lots of interesting stories to tell.
  5. Enjoy it, and don’t forget that volunteering should be an enriching experience in which the benefits compensate for all the effort you put in.
  6. Where to look in Segovia? Right here, at the Segovia Cultural Volunteer Platform. Once you’re registered, we can tell you about all the cultural activities and events you can take part in. Over 350 Volunátic@s are already enjoying culture from the inside. You can be one of them.

Other organisations also promote volunteering in Segovia here in Spain and abroad:


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Eventos culturales de interés

Titirimundi (Títeres)Hay Festival (Literatura)Muces (Cine)Festival Música Diversa (Música)FIS (Festival Internacional de Segovia) (Musica y Danza)Festival Contraplano (Cortometraje)Programación de Cine Club StudioFestival Folk SegoviaJornada de Música ContemporáneaNoche de Luna LlenaFestival de Narradores OralesLos Viernes Abiertos (Teatro)La Gran Noche del TeatroCurso Historia de SegoviaProgramación de Sociedad FilarmónicaOtros..
Estoy intersad@ en recibir información de otros programas o actividades culturales promovidas por Segovia Cultura Habitada


This forum is a place where all Volunátic@s can get together and chat.

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